Letter to Greta

Dear Greta,

my name is Thomas. I am from Germany. I am 60 years old, but still feel 16 like you, that means I am open-minded and young at heart. I want to thank you deeply and honestly for what you are doing in such a passionated, empowered and encouraged way to fight the climate-crisis. I am supporting totally what you are saying and i am with you and all those millions of people out on the streets.

At that time I am angry about all the other people who try to discriminate your plain-talking, your emotional way of speaking to politicians, your way of acting and behaving. It makes me speechless how dumb the comments of haters and bashers are. But they cannot blame you, they blame themselves. It’s a shame and I would like to apologize for all of those blindness and dumbness.

I am convinced that you say and do the most necessary things for today and for the future. And I am sure there will be more and more to follow and to make a real change that will also be a change of thinking on humans as a part of the nature and therefore to respect every kind of nature.

Yes, it’s a long way to go, but – you are totally right – there is no turning back at this crossroad to future. I wish you all the best on your mission, first of all health, love and understanding, the ongoing support of your family and friends and time to relax and fill up your mind, heart and soul.

Thank you Greta, move on and don’t stop until the change has come.

From the heart


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